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Multi Web Services | Professional Web Designer

Professional Website Designers

Multi Web Services are a professional website design company; our primary objective is to grow your business by encouraging all our clients to consider their website to be their virtual Head Office, open 24/7!

The pre-design, coding, research and targeting that we do determines our professional website design. This process ensures our professional websites are designed and targeted correctly, and enjoy great search engine positions for your key services. It is this initial targeting and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that is 100% critical in ensuring that your website is noticed, approved and favoured by Google and other search engines.

A key part of our professional website coding is making the website mobile friendly (responsive). More and more website searches are occurring on smart phones, tablets and Ipads; since April 2015, when searching in Google on a mobile device or tablet, Google has favoured websites, improving their position within a search listing, and has penalised websites that have not been coded to display correctly on smaller devices.

Custom Website Designers

Our team of designers and developers build each professional website with a custom design to embody the essence and values of your company, so that we can create a true reflection of your business and brand. Additional website features such as Electronic Books (eBook) are great additions to consider and help to communicate your expertise for your industry, contributing towards a professional website design and help improve the number of enquiries you receive.

Website Management

Once your modern website has been launched, our on going Website Management and Social Media Management services continue. As any web agency will agree, increasing your website traffic can only be done over time; our on going management services do just that, with on going SEO, website updates, utilising social media platforms, and many other progressive developments all with the aim to boost your website traffic.
If your current website does not deliver new online enquiries, Emails or telephone calls, then frankly it’s next to worthless. We can help, use one of our contact methods below for a friendly chat or email on how we can design the professional website that your business deserves.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Multi Web Services | Ecommerce Website Designers

Ecommerce Website Designers

All our Ecommerce Website Designers focus on getting you up and running with a professional mobilefriendly (responsive) Ecommerce website efficiently and quickly.

All items can be categorised for easy navigation. Select and sort by brand, price, style, colour, size or any other category that may be relevant. 'Bolt on Apps' allow you to expand your website to be more interactive, either when we build your online store or later down the line to suit your business growth. 'Multi Shop' app connects your website 'Real time' to eBay and Amazon, whilst Google shopping pushes your relevant inventory through to Google's shopping function.

Expandable Websites

Today your product range maybe small, you may only sell in one product area such as books. Next year you may wish to expand into DVD's, Music or other areas that may be related or not. All our Ecommerce websites are expandable to hold up to 1,000,000 unique products, over multiple categories, brands or areas, allowing your business to grow.

Custom Design

All our ecommerce websites are custom designed to professionally represent your brand. Need another feature? The packages below are constructed to represent our most popular features, each package may be customised to suit the individual needs of your company. To reach a wider audience, all our Ecommerce websites developed to include code that allows the website to look great on all devices; such as mobile phones, tablets and Ipads.
An initial, and important, part of the development process is research. Our developers undergo thorough research into the industry and fellow competitors, this research helps to decide the best strategy to not only increasing your website traffic, but also to increasing the number of sales for your company.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Muli Web Services | Social Media Management

Social Media Management
All websites need Social Media for differing reasons, if you're a Hair Salon or Restaurant then the advantages and benefits to you and your customers can be easily seen. Our basic Social Media Management services start at just £9.99 per week.

You can use a Facebook post or Tweet detailing short snap offers such as 'TFI Special 20% off all Red Wine/ Blow dry's etc'. We know from some of our clients that this can be the difference between a very busy day and a not so busy day. Over the fullness of time your existing customers start to share your communications with friends and so on creating a powerful and incredibly effective marketing communication that starts to develop it's own growth as more and more customers share your news.

Don't be selfish, your customers may wish to re-tweet your message or communicate back with you, ensure that you share and re-tweet their news to create Social Engagement rather than pure commerciality for your company.  


With over 1 Billion users, Facebook is still the most powerful social media platform there is, the more you put in the more you get out especially on a commercial level. Create your professional Facebook profile and ensure that it ties in with your overall website design. You should also have a 'Hot Key' link from your website directly to your Facebook profile.


Another important way to communicate concisely and 'on the fly' (quickly) with your customers, this is hugely powerful for snapshot updates, events and so on. It is used extensively to organise quick parties/raves and less desirable events. But perhaps most importantly allows you to easily engage with your customers creating the valuable social signals for the search engines.


Super powerful now owned by Google, this is a great way to add new content to your website and an area to post all your news, except it's posted for everyone to see. Creating a homepage Blog feed, (we call them News Reels, a little like Sky News) helps with SEO each time new content is added. Your regular customers love it also, nothing worse than reading the same paper over and over!


A great social product owned by Google, another form of a business page, this platform grows year on year. A google account also identifies your business details when you are searched for in Google, shows maps in order for your customers/clients to get to you, and any other relevant business information. This platform is highly monitored so posts have to be carefully written.

To discuss how we can help with your project, please call Joanne on 01302 590 444 or Contact Us.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Multi Web Services | Brochures, Presenters, Leaflets

Brochures, Presenters, Leaflets
On occasions having a professionally designed sales or service presenterbrochure orleaflet can help in the conversion of a new potential client. As you talk through your quotation, which again should be consistent and professionally designed, it will help create confidence in your brand and ability. Often a professional and physical presentation of your brand can be the difference between you and your competitors.

Multi Web Services offer exceptional design services for Sales Presenters, Brochures, Leaflets and other physical marketing communications for many of their existing clients. If you would like to discuss how we can help present your business in a new light, please use our enquiry button below.

To discuss how we can help with your project, please call Joanne on

 01302 590 444 or
Contact Us.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Multi Web Services | Anne Arms Case Study


  • Doncaster Web Designers Launch New Website For The Anne Arms

  • Client: The Anne Arms
  • Date: 2015
  • Info: New Website with Online Booking System
Doncaster Web Designers, Multi Web Services, were delighted to create a fantastic new Website for beautiful country style pub; The Anne Arms.
Our principal objective was to push and encourage new customers to visit the Anne Arms pub via the website.
Their new website would be targeted and promoted within Google for their local vicinity for customers looking for somewhere to drink or eat. Once potential new customers landed/visited the new Anne Arms website they would be greeted with:-
  • A newly designed and professional website.
  • Professional food imagery, detailing the quality of their food.
  • Online Table Booking, with in house alert for each reservation.
  • In House Table Booking Management system by dining area, to offer booking preferences for customers.
  • Push tables together to make table for 10 etc, with available seating automatic updates. Very important for large party bookings etc.
  • Clear updatable Menu’s, specials etc.
  • Events Calendar (promoted through website linked Facebook, Twitter etc) Christmas fair, Easter, 80’s Nights etc.
  • Past Event photo’s and Videos section. (This allows customers to view the popularity of the Anne Arms and the event).
  • Video Walk through in About Us. (A great feature for customers to have a virtual tour of the pub).
  • A very simple map of how to find the pub or contact details if they wish to phone.
  • The website has already been a tremendous success, here what Ray Falzon (Landlord) said:-
  • "We have received a lot of very positive comments from existing and new customers about how fresh, friendly and easy to use the website is. The ongoing website management is working particularly well, and our 1st ever Bonfire Night attracted nearly 1000 people, many of which have since come back to try our food."

Friday, 8 January 2016

Website Management Services | Multi Web Services

Website Management Services

Our Website Management Services are key to our continued success, so much so that we only design and develop websites that we manage! We study your industry, localities, key services and research what 'Search Terms' within search engines your potential customers are using to find your business and services or products. This research forms the foundation of how we construct your website, and how we are going to drive organic (natural) traffic to it. From that day forward, determined by the size of website and whether you have local, regional or national aspirations, we manage *all aspects of your website from as little as £99 PCM.

No Contract Website Management
We don't need one, if we do what we say and you continue to get great results why would you leave us and why would we need a contract. If however for some reason you did wish to leave our website management service, we make it easy.

To discuss how we can help with your project, please call Joanne on 01302 590 444 or Contact Us.

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